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Wollensky's Butcher Burger

Wollensky's Butcher Burger
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 How We Rate
To give each burger a fair shot, we order the menu item that best resembles our "control burger": A plain cheddar cheeseburger, cooked medium. For more details, visit the Ratings Section of the About page.

Quick Bites:

  • “Wollensky’s Butcher Burger” only available on the lunch & bar menu
  • At $13, it’s one of the most reasonably priced burgers in a high end DC steakhouse
  • Burgers were cooked perfectly on our visit, leading to very juicy burgers
  • As well presented & plated burgers you’ll find anywhere
  • Some may feel it lacks seasoning, but others may enjoy the simplicity of letting the high quality meat speak for itself.


Smith & Wollensky’s “Wollensky’s Butcher Burger” finds itself on the bar menu and the lunch menu only, much like the burgers at fellow upscale steakhouses in the area.  At $13, it’s also one of the more reasonably priced burgers that you’ll find at any steakhouse in town. The burgers are made from USDA Prime dry-aged beef that’s butchered and ground on site, which you can easily confirm; it’s some of the most freshest and naturally flavorful meat from a burger anywhere. The burgers -- ordered medium, as always -- arrived perfectly cooked. From a presentation standpoint, it was one of the most well presented & best plated burgers that we’ve ever had. On the inside, the burger was incredibly juicy, to the point where it caused the bottom bun to get unsustainably soggy way earlier than we would have liked. There was some debate regarding the seasoning; some thought it lacked, while others thought the high quality meat didn’t really need much seasoning.  But overall, it’s a very good burger that’s certainly worth consideration in any “high quality burger in the DMV” discussion.

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$13.00 Menu Price

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