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2012 Burger Bracket: Championship

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2012 Burger Bracket: Final Four

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25 May 2012

2012 Burger Bracket: Final Four

Final Four, the Championship awaits

Elite Eight Results
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This article is part 9 in a series for the 2012 DMV Burger Wars Tournament:
  1. The 2012 DMVBW Burger Bracket
  2. Burger Bracket: Round 1, Part 1
  3. Burger Bracket: Round 1, Part 2
  4. Burger Bracket: Round 2, Part 1
  5. Burger Bracket: Round 2, Part 2
  6. Burger Bracket: Round 3, Part 1
  7. Burger Bracket: Round 3, Part 2
  8. Burger Bracket: Elite Eight
  9. Burger Bracket: Final Four
  10. Burger Bracket: Championship


(1) Thunder Burger & Bar vs. (1) Ray’s Hell Burger
Call it “the Irresistible [Burger] Paradox”: what happens when the Unstoppable Burger Force meets the Immovable Burger Heavyweight? This is like the 2004 ALCS: it’s the World Series (of burgers) before the actual World Series (of Burgers). Both of these burgers offer gigantic burgers at highly reasonable prices. Trying to find a flaw with these two burgers is like trying to find flaws with Kate Upton or Scarlett Johanssen: good luck with that. No decision in this tournament was as hard as this one for us. Both burgers are more than deserving of their #1 seeds, and both venues have their place unquestionably secure among the pantheon of DC's greatest burgers. After trading Earth-shaking haymakers that would have easily felled any lesser opponent, in the end, it was the completeness and totality of the burger from Thunder Burger that gave it the slight edge. Once again, Thunder's burger offering doesn't do anything wrong; there's no part about this burger that you can offer the "yeah, but" critique.

Winner: (1) Thunder Burger & Bar

(7) Black & Orange vs. (2) Dino
The "fast casual burger place that could" keeps taking down the burger big boys, like George Mason University in ‘06 or Virginia Commonweath University in 2011. This time, it squares off against the proverbial "Italian Stallion" of burgers from Dino. In a battle of a power-packed burger in a compact offering vs. an aircraft carrier-esque burger patty topped with outstanding cheese and stuffed between a delicious ciabatta bun, the Giant killer from Black & Orange fells yet another top seed en route to a "Cinderalla" final four appearance. The burger from Dino provided every argument a burger possibly could make in order to advance into the finals, but the overall consistency of the burger from Black & Orange edged that of Dino's.

Winner: (7) Black and Orange

The Championship Match is now set. Is Black & Orange up to the task of taking down one more giant? Or is Thunder Burger going to reign supreme as the top burger in the DMV?

Final Four Results

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