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05 Apr 2012

Black & Orange Cuts Back on Hours

Known for late-night burgers, B&O trims its late-night hours.

Black & Orange We found out today that Black & Orange, as famous for their "Open Until 5AM" hours as they are for their past as Rogue States, will be making last call for burgers a little earlier at both of their locations.

They'll still be open late, but the new hours will be:

  • until 11pm from Sunday through Wednesday (Dupont will remain open until 3am on Wednesdays)
  • until 3am on Thursday
  • and (still) 5am on Friday and Saturday.

Just the other day, people were touting the signs that DC had all the signs of a burgeoning young metropolis, ready to become the next round-the-clock city. Then came today's news that both The Hamilton, who had been open 24-hours a day since December 18, and Black & Orange would be pulling back on the reins for their late-night plans.

Guest of a Guest quotes Maureen Hirsch of Clyde's Restaurant Group (which owns The Hamilton): "We thought we could do it, but it was too much. I don't think we will be going back to a 24-hour schedule but you never know."

Updates from Black & Orange:


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