We are DMV Burger Wars!

If you are looking for the best burger in your area you have found the best place to find it. Here we have a data base by area of the best and worst burgers around. We grade the burgers that judge on these specifics.

  1. How are the taste of these burgers? – Are the quality of the buns there? How is the consistency of the meat? Is it good or bad? Was it cooked to the way it was ordered? Did it live up to the hype?
  2. How was the atmosphere? – Was it comfortable seating? Did it feel rushed? Was it enjoyable? Would I want to go back? Is it a place that I would want to hang out?
  3. How was the presentation? – Did it look like the picture on the wall (it rarely does)? Was it clean? Did it look appetizing? Did it look like the kitchen staff cared when they put it together?
  4. How was the meal?- Did the milkshakes taste good? Were the fries fresh or stale? How was the taste of the fries with the oil they were cooked in? Were the vegetables that came with the burger fresh? Was the salad fresh?

All of this goes in to the calculation when we rate on DMV Burger Wars. After we take all of this into consideration we rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best around and 1 being don’t even bother looking in their general direction.

We do know that this is based on the three of our general tastes and likes so please do not take offence if we do not like a burger from your favorite burger joint. We try to be unbiased when we go in to a burger joint. We do not look at yelp reviews before we go to the restaurant as we fear it might skew us one way or another. If you want for us to check out a burger restaurant near you please send us the name in an email without your thoughts on the restaurant. As we said before we want to keep this a unbiased as possible.

Thank you for visiting the site and hope that you find it as useful as we find it as fun to put together.

Make sure to visit us and visit us often.