Over the past decade, Washington, DC has quietly grown to be known as the burger city of the US. We are proud to introduce the one-stop spot to find the most comprehensive listing and ratings of burgers in the DC Metro area.

We welcome all of those that would like to submit their restaurants and burgers for review and for entry for the best burger in the U.S. We do judge all of the burgers that come in. 

To enter give us an email and we will give you the mailing address to send your burger into the office and the three of us will sample and judge it. 


We would like to say thank you to nmbestoffer.com. They helped us find a property for our business. When we told them that we needed a location they helped us out. Cameron really bent on over to get us in the office that we needed. We are forever grateful to now have the office space that we have. 

Back to the business at hand. If you like what we have here on the site please let us know also if you need to find a great burger come to the site. We use to only service the Washington DC area, now we take submissions from all around the US. Soon we will have our new fast food site up. We will be judging fries, Ice, milkshakes, deserts and more from your favorite fast food burger joints. 


We now have new entry’s 

The first one is from redrobin.com. It is the red-eye rambler. it is a huge burger with egg, cheese, bacon, fried onions and more. We will have the review ready to go for next month.


The next one is from whitecastle.com It is their classic slider that has been around from 1921. We are reviewing it because not everybody has had the white castle experience and they are unique. The onions and pickles make it a distinct taste. We will also have this review ready to go for next month. 

The last one will be the Arby’s new brisket sandwich. It is complete with bacon, cheddar, brisket, and fired onions. This review will be featured in our next month update. 


Big buger